The 3rd Clinical Natural Language Processing Workshop

At EMNLP 2020. November 19, 2020.

Paper Submission

All submissions must be in PDF format and should follow EMNLP 2020 style guidelines:

Submissions may have a maximum length of eight (8) pages for long papers and four (4) pages for short papers, with unlimited pages for references. Both long and short papers will undergo rigorous review. All submissions should be anonymized, and should not include authors' names or any other identifying information. Please submit at the following site:

Camera Ready

We are following the EMNLP policy, which allows one (1) extra page to address reviewers' comments.

Poster and oral presentations will both be in the proceedings. Oral presentations will be presented in a single track, and posters will be presented simultaneously using

Following EMNLP guidance, each paper must be pre-recorded, so that participants in different time zones can listen to your talks at a time that is reasonable for them. Pre-recording will be done using the SlidesLive remote recorder, and SlidesLive will contact authors about pre-recording. Pre-recorded talks must be submitted by Oct 26, 2020.

Pre-recorded talk times for Clinical NLP are as follows:

  • 10 minutes for oral presentations of long papers
  • 5 minutes for oral presentations of short papers
  • 1 minute for a teaser of each poster presentation

FROM EMNLP (please see email for further details): Your pre-recorded talk will also be AUTOMATICALLY CAPTIONED. Accurate captioning is critical, not just for people attending the conference who are hearing-impaired, but also for people who may not have native competency in English. The problem is that automated captioning is often inaccurate. So it is important that all captions be manually reviewed and, where necessary, corrected. For this, SlidesLive has developed caption-editing software for people to use.